• Join us as we seek local solutions to remove barriers and open doors for working families through skills development and lasting careers that will positively impact 5,000 families in our community in 2020.


    The 5,000 Jobs 2020 Campaign will fill job openings in entry-level and middle-skills positions that pay a livable wage throughout North Texas in partnership with businesses, nonprofits, government, and educational organizations. We are training and preparing individuals for existing jobs with businesses that need to be filled and hold the promise of a career pathway. We will work through employer partnerships with Workforce Intermediaries, and other public-private coalitions.

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    Together we can close the workforce gap in North Texas.


    Pledge to become an employer partner. Our job placement partnership creates access to a new pipeline of skilled, diverse, job-ready talent for the roles that you need most in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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    Apply for a job on the OpportunityOne website.


    Partner with us to create opportunities in Dallas. We are committed to partnering with organizations both nonprofit and for-profit to expand our collective impact.


    Donate to support the 5000Jobs2020 initiative. Donations for our program sponsors are tax-deductible and help us scale our work to even the landscape of economic opportunities and close the skills gap in the metroplex.

  • The 5,000 Jobs 2020 Campaign is different. We are taking an innovative approach to overcome barriers to economic mobility by providing job candidates with:

    · Expanded Education & Training Opportunities

    · Skill Development in High Demand Career Pathways

    · Removing Barriers Such as Transportation and Childcare

    · Intensive Case Management Support Pre and Post Employment

    · Breaking the Cycle of Inter-generational Poverty


    We will also provide training and enhancement of existing soft skills and technical skills through career coaching, Rapid Certification Programs, and other Post-Secondary Credentials. Through our programs and partnerships, we focus on helping workers advance over time. We provide the strong foundation for everyone to be successful. We envision our region as a place where opportunity exists for our citizens to learn, work, and thrive in vibrant, welcoming communities. We seek your support and leadership in answering an important call to action to enhance the economic vitality of our community. Our goal is to help close the gap by filling 5,000 jobs in the year 2020.

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